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Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
point from the calller, oklahoma has several military bases in this state. the oklahoma commerce department says it provides more than 133,000 jobs. a group domestic product impact of 9.6 billion for the state and as much as 7% of the state's entire economy. if sequestration happens, what does that mean for the numbers? guest: ordinarily difficult. most of that is in my district. i know the numbers intimately. it is an enormous part of the economy. we are exceptionally proud to host the american military. there is enormous support for it in oklahoma. tinker force base has 15,000 workers. that does not mention there is a non-defense part of this. half of the cuts are coming from discretionary programs. we have the national severe storm center at the university of oklahoma. we train at most of the flight control people in america and oklahoma city. believe me, i understand the economic consequences of what we're talking about. there are also economic consequences without dealing with the budget. the president has had four one trillion dollar deficit in a row. he is racked up more d
Feb 26, 2013 7:00am EST
: democrat a calller from virginia. good morning. caller: i am calling because i personally believe the republicans would like to see the sequester happen, and the reason for that is because once the economy tanks, then going into 2016 they can say the president, which they are tried to say it is his fault, but they will have a better argument for 2016 to say he failed the economy and failed to do what he wanted to do, therefore positioning themselves to have a better 2016, but i think they should tread carefully because of that hurts the economy as bad as some of the predictions are saying, i think they are not seeing what they should be doing through clear eyes, and i think it will have a much more damaging effect, and therefore the price they are born to pay the price we will pay as a country will be a lot worse than just the consequences of an election in 2016. guest: this young lady is a pre- plan are going all the way out to 2016. i have not even looked at 2016. i have a little problem with saying people are just doing this to make the president look bad. first of all, he is a lam
Feb 27, 2013 2:00am EST
. that begin with your budget committee experience. we heard from calller earlier. these are not cut under sequestration. you are just slowing the growth. could you explain the difference? guest: if you look at defense spending, there is a reduction in the first year, and that it turns back up and the rate of growth continues at the same rate prior to sequestration, but starting with a lower starting point. there are reductions in the rate of growth. every year it is like an automatic right to refund that the programs. we do not go to zero. we start of the previous line and build from then. what this does is it retards that a bit and slows it down. host: you put together these slides. what will the budget look like it sequester happens? there seems to be very little bit of a difference between with or without sequester. guest: very modest. you're looking at spending going back to years ago. this is not the catastrophe everyone says it is. one caveat to that. if you are the employee tickets furloughed, it this impacts your family, it is a real problem, and i recognize that concern. ho
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3